April 25, 2008

No Country for Old Men (2007)

I'm so glad that after the recent 'misses' from the Coens they finally come up with something worth my while. Their deadpan deep-south tale of drugs, money and pure evil is nicely portrayed in this adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel. Sure this thing isn't for everybody. If you're expecting something fast and exciting where all the ends are tied then maybe you should wait for Vantage Point or something. If you just lap up the abandoned expanses and decaying gas stations and motels in the scorching Texas sun then this is right up your alley. Sure you get your fill of obese motel desk-ladies with too much makeup and 50's pompadours or old gas station attendants with dirty blue jeans overalls, but you also get so much more. It's really about the interaction than about the action (which btw doesn't lack at all). It's also about how a murderous psychopath with a bad hairdo and some exotic weapons interacts with the relatively simple (though not dumb) inhabitants of the southern state. I could call it a carefully constructed character study, but that's way cliché, so I'll just stick to calling it a really nice Coen bros film - something that I've been craving considering their more recent stinkers like Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty (well, Intolerable Cruelty makes for a pretty good airplane movie, but then again anything competing with screaming babies and grumpy flight attendants is gonna be a good airplane movie). Overall nice job - I liked it despite others in the theater which seemed to be expecting something completely different.