April 24, 2008

Transformers (2007)

Well, once you throw out plot (the classic McGuffin) and acting (the classic Shia LaBeouf and some CG bots), you're basically left with a few nicely made action sequences loosely linked together by kids nostalgia of an 80's cartoon show. As long as you throw all expectations out the window, this one actually kicks ass. Of course, it helps to like Transformers or to be a guy, but it's not absolutely required to enjoy. At some points I got lost in the flurry of metal and fire and car chases, but I really didn't mind being lost. All the standard Bay trademarks were there, sunsets and helicopters and all. Overall I enjoyed it. Could have been a little shorter and they could have developed the bots' characters a bit more, but hey, why am I complaining about duration or character development in a 2 hour Michel Bay commercial? It's good for your action orgasm fix. It's dumb, its fun and it's probably the best anybody could have done with the franchise.