April 24, 2008

Hot Fuzz (2007)

It's a refreshing change from the usual comedy bs that Hollywood dishes out. I liked the fast editing and high-contrast tones not usually found in a comedy. I think the reason most comedies blow these days is that their audience is treated like infantile imbeciles that need to be spoon-fed every joke in order for them to 'get it'. I'm not saying this one is particularly intellectual or anything, but it's very cinema-aware. I liked how it referenced Hollywood buddy-cop flicks like Bad Boys (II) and Point Break (and many others too, some of them almost shot-by shot recreations). Considering Wright's previous flick Shaun of the Dead (which I also enjoyed and was a spoof of zombie flicks) this one is just a natural progression. And when I say spoof I don't mean blatant recreation of familiar scenes the way the '... Movie' franchise does, but rather reference them while integrating them in the plot in a believable (as believable as it can get in a spoof) way. It's really hard to do good comedy and this one gets pretty close to achieving that goal.