April 24, 2008

Once (2007)

It's a nice and charming little indie musical featuring Irish Rock band The Frames' singer Glen Hansard. I never listened to any of The Frames' music before, but they're this sort of Irish version of Coldplay but not really, which is not necessarily a bad thing. As with any musical, you need to be at least a little receptive to the style of music in the film. Personally I don't terribly mind the whiny-rock à la Coldplay, so the film worked for me. Cinematography was really minimalist, filmed entirely in digital and a lot of times without permits for the locations, which shows that you can still make a decent feature without a budget. The ending was bittersweet, and I was glad that it wasn't your typical Hollywood happy ending. There were some clichés at times, like the weekend-recording-studio montage sequence, but overall it worked fine. It's a nice little gem of a movie well worth the 85 min running time.