April 25, 2008

Rendition (2007)

the feelgood movie of the summer. I kept waiting for the part where Saddam pops up out of nowhere like a jack-in-a-box and they all start doing the CanCan but alas no such luck. Oh well at least there was Peter Sarsgaard there to be his usual squinty-self. Also, it's always nice when movies get away with shit like "We have a saying - beat your woman every morning. If you don't know why, she does." and everybody in the cinema laughs, including the girls, instead of having a bra-burning riot erupt in a flurry of hairy armpits. Overall a good setup for this winter's upcoming hit "Charlie Wilson's War". It's a Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts comedy about the beginnings of the Taliban.. so.. it should be good.