April 25, 2008

You Kill Me (2007)

Formulaic and cliché yet nevertheless enjoyable. Liked the dark, suicidal mood of it all. Kingsley is great as always, and Leoni, Pullman, Farina and Hall all provide wonderful supporting performances. Wilson provides the gay comic relief, thankfully more bearable than his butchered-nosejob-postop brother. It's easy to lump this one among the many other hitman-comedies, and I tried not to, since I liked it, but it fits the bill nonetheless. Could have used a little less cliché jokes and more exploring of the desperate deadbeat excuse of an existence of the leads, as I found that much more fascinating than the whole 'I kill people for money and that's why I'm so great' shtick. Overall fun little dark-humor romp. Could have been better, but could have easily been much-much worse.