December 25, 2010

I'm Still Here (2010)

I don't buy the whole 'it was only a hoax' thing. I think the guy is still off his rocker, calling it a hoax was the only way he could get away with it and still be allowed to make movies. I think I liked confused/upset bearded JP better than real-life-crazy Joaquin. If you watch some of the post-movie interviews, where he's supposedly 'cleaned up' you can totally tell that he's still bubbling with sorts of crazy up in there. In this sense, this is a hoax-within-a-hoax. Had this been real, it would have been like 'Grizzly Man'-calibre, but alas, the world isn't perfect, and our dear Juaquin will join the ranks of other hollywood actors who are pretending to keep it all together but are really crazy inside, like Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci and Danny DeVito.